Lawn care tips

Lawn care

Tips and advice for lawn care and maintenance. Learn how to get the best green lawn in the neighbourhood.

Lawn service prices for new homeowners

If you are new to owning a home, then congratulations. You have invested in property that should increase in value for your future and is a place to raise a family.

Lawn care schedule for a green yard

lawn care schedule

An easy to follow schedule with the most important lawn care tasks throughout the year.

Grubs in lawn

White grub life cycle

If you have problems with large larvae or grubs in the lawn, it is often a type of Lawn Grubs or the White Grub (the larvae of the June Beetle (Phyllophaga anxia), European Chafer (Amphimallon majalis) or Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica)), which can cause great damage to the lawn.

Turf on a roll - lay your own lawn

Turf rolls

Want to build a lawn and want quick and impressive result? As always, ground work is very important to get a good result. Here are instructions in 10 easy steps.

Moss in lawn - simple steps to remove it

Moss in lawn

To keep your green lawn moss free, just put a little extra work into lawn care. It is possible to change the moss-overgrown lawn to one that makes the neighbours jealous.

When to mow the lawn

Starting the lawn mower

Your lawn should not be mowed by routine, but when it actually needed. How often you need to mow depends on how fast your lawn grows.

Watering for a perfect lawn

Watering the lawn

A lush and green lawn requires lots of water. Especially in the dry seasons, you must water your lawn often and generously.

Video on how to get a green lawn

Want to get a green lawn that makes your neighbourhood envy you? Here's a good video that gives you 10 top advice to get a green and healthy turf.

Organic lawn fertilizer - excellent grass fertilizing

lawn fertilizer

Your lawn needs nutrients to grow green, lush and healthy. Here we'll guide you through the ingredients of an organic lawn fertilizer, focusing on the three most important elements that your lawn needs - potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Mowing techniques for a thick and green lawn

Lawn mower

Want to get the greenest, most lush and thick lawn in the neighborhood? Here are some tips of mowing techniques.

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