Lawn care schedule for a green yard

lawn care schedule

An easy to follow schedule with the most important lawn care tasks throughout the year.


  • Lawn mower maintenance
    Check the oil, spark plug, air filter, belts and tires. Charge the battery and sharpen or replace the blades.
  • Repair the winter damages
    If you have damages from road salt, apply gypsum (calcium sulfate) once the soil is dry, and water. 
  • Rake the lawn
    The soil is fragile, use a leaf rake and rake lightly. You want to roughen up the surface and to have the grass blade stand up.
  • Seed if necessary
    Now is the right time to seed the lawn, if there are patches that needs to be strengthened. Rough up the areas first with a rake.
  • If you have problems with crabgrass
    Apply a chemical crabgrass preventer
  • Do a first short mow
    This time only, mow the lawn quite short, 1.5-2''. This will remove the dead grass and expose new fresh blades.
  • Fertilize once when the lawn is green
    Use an organic fertilizer.


  • Water regularly and deeply
    The lawn should get 1'' of water per week. Water deeple, you want the water to reach the roots!
  • Mow the lawn as necessary
    Mow high to keep the grass healthy. Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass height! 
  • Apply summer fertilizer
    Use an organic fertilizer
  • Watch for grubs and other pests
    Pull back the sod and look for the white grubs. More than 10 per square foot? Use a pesticide. 


  • Water and mow as needed
    In dry weeks, you still need to water your lawn. Keep mowing until the grass is going dormant.
  • Fertilize the cool season grasses
    If you only fertilize once a year, this is the time to do it
  • Overseed if needed
    Clearing out weak spots
  • Rake the lawn, dethatch if necessary
    Don't do this in the dry season!
  • Mulch the automn leaves with your mower
    Leave them mulched on the lawn as a natural feed.


  • Prepare the mower for winter
    Clean the mower underneath. Empty the gas. Make notes of what to buy at the fall clearance sales. New spark plugs? Wheels? Blades?


image: wikimedia commons