Lawn mower types

Lawn mower types

Each type of lawn mower has its own benefits.

Be sure to think through your investment for a few days before you buy a mower. It is not always that it is worth buying an expensive lawn mower.

Perhaps a smaller and cheaper mower is actually a lot more convenient and suited to both your budget and your lawn.

Here is a summary of the major lawn mower types.


Motorized lawn mower types

Rotary push lawn mower

As far as I know, there has never been a successful design of a manually powered rotary mower, they are always motorized in some way, powered either by gas, petrol or electrically. The rotary mowers are powerful and well adapted to lawns with weeds and dandelions. They are quite heavy to push, but usually come with motorized wheels (self-propelled).

Riding mowers (ride-on mowers)

Instead of walking with the machine, these mowers have a seat and the operator controls and steers the machine while riding it. Suitable for larger lawns with not too many trees or other obstacles on the lawn.

Zero-turn lawn mower

These machines are constructed for easy maneuverability around obstacles and confined spaces, having a zero turning radius. They are often quite large and expensive.

Tractor lawn mowers

This machine is built as a small tractor with a mower mounted between the front and rear wheel axes. A lawn tractor can easily be equipped with e.g carts or aerators, some even with snowplow blades, so they are more versatile than the riding mower. And usually more expensive.


Manual, pushed, lawn mowers

Push reel mowers (cylinder)

The reel (cylinder) lawn mower has vertical wheels that brush up and cuts the grass. The cutting mechanism can be non-contact or contact, depending on the model. The reel mower comes in many variants and can be manual, or motorized (electric, petrol). The reel mower typically gives a very neat and even cut, but they sometimes have difficulties cutting long straws or weed. They are normally quiet, relatively cheap and easy to maintain.


Electric lawn mowers

Electric mowers

An electric mower are inexpensive to operate and relatively easy to maintain. Most of the machines described above today come in electric models, either corded or cordless. They are wWell worth considering as a quiet and eco-friendly choice.


Other types of lawn mowers

Robotic lawn mowers

Robotic mowers are small robots that mow the lawn on their own. It automatically visits its loading station when the battery is going low, there are also solar hybrid models. The robot covers an area within electric perimeter wires buried in the ground. Robotic mowers are quiet, safe, non-polluting, and give an even and good trim to your lawn. Still rather pricy.

Hover mowers

These mowers are motorized with a rotary blade, but they have no wheels. Instead, they are 'floating' above the ground on a cushin of air - hovering. They are especially useful for steep hills or slopes, where regular mowers would slip or even be dangerous to use.


Image: David Reber, Flickr