Lawn mowers - all you need to know!

Lawn mowers - all the advice you need

All you need to know about lawn mowers. You'll find it here - facts, lawn mower types, links to reviews, repair guides and more.

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Lawn mower maintenance

Lawn mower maintenance

With a little mower maintenance, you'll have a mower that keeps performing well over the years. Follow our checklist and you'll have the best chance of keeping your mower in good shape. 

Lawn mower types

Lawn mower types

Each lawn mower type has its own benefits. Read this before choosing your mower type.

When to mow the lawn

Starting the lawn mower

Your lawn should not be mowed by routine, but when it actually needed. How often you need to mow depends on how fast your lawn grows.

Mowing techniques for a thick and green lawn

Lawn mower

Want to get the greenest, most lush and thick lawn in the neighborhood? Here are some tips of mowing techniques.

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