Lawn service prices for new homeowners

If you are new to owning a home, then congratulations. You have invested in property that should increase in value for your future and is a place to raise a family.

Owning a home also involves some upkeep. Your lawn will be a big part of that, so you will need to learn about lawn service prices. This will help you determine whether you want to do all the yard work yourself or hire it out to a service provider.

One of the biggest jobs associated with a lawn is simply mowing. Grass grows non stop in most areas of the country for at least eight months out of the year. This is the part of lawn maintenance that is most rewarding to contract to a service provider, it saves you plenty of time, and you get professional help to keep your lawn well trimmed.

For you to get a cost comparison between buying the service and doing it yourself, you need to price mowers and what it costs to maintain a machine you own. Then get some lawn mowing prices from a few landscaping companies. Almost all service providers will give you a free estimate.

What decides the price?

What you can expect to pay for lawn care services depends on many factors.

These factors would be

  • the amount of competition in your area,
  • the cost of living in your region, and of course
  • the size of your property.

Also, you will pay more if there is a great deal of trimming involved in mowing your lawn. Running a weed eater causes more work and involves more time for a lawn care company.

Tips for the best lawn service prices

If you are trying to get the best lawn service prices possible, here are a few tips.

Get references!
Get references from neighbors to find a good company or a one man lawn care operation. Hiring the right person can save you the time and money involved in replacing a bad company year after year.

Make your lawn easy to maintain
Make your lawn as easy to care for as possible. Don't leave objects like kids' toys in the way of the mowers.

Compare the prices
Get more than one estimate as lawn mowing prices can vary greatly.

Check their insurance

Please consider whether or not the lawn care provider you choose has insurance coverage or not. A cheaper service price may be a result of a company operating with no liability insurance or workers comp coverage. Saving on the lawn care costs could leave you open for a lawsuit or end up costing you for damage caused by an uninsured lawn company.