Turf on a roll - lay your own lawn

Turf rolls

Want to build a lawn and want quick and impressive result?

As always, ground work is very important to get a good result. Here are instructions in 10 easy steps.

Now go and see your local turf supplier and buy some rolls of turf!

Preparation before laying turf

Before the grass is delivered, make sure to prepare the area where you will build your lawn.

  • Make sure the soil is loose and weed-free. Heavy clay needs to be mized with sand and a sandy soil may need some extra organic matter.
  • Add fertilizer to the soil and work the soil to a depth of 10-15cm. Also add lime if the pH is lower than 6.
  • Smoothen the surface and remove any clods, roots and rocks.
  • Rollover. It is important that the turf will be in good contact with the surface.
  • Water.

Remember - turf on a roll is perishable. It must be used to build the lawn immediately after delivery, preferably within one day.

How to lay turf

  • Loosen the surface with a rake.
  • Begin to lay the turf along a long side of the area. Make sure that the turf lengths are varied so that the joints are not aligned. Add the joints tightly together.
  • The final pieces will be spliced in. Use a knife when you cut the edges and small pieces.
  • Water your new lawn as soon as you've finished laying the turf. The grass needs to get really wet.
  • Now roll over the area so that the grass roots gets in firm contact with the surface underneath.

The lawn is now ready to be admired!

When can it be used?

You can walk gently on the lawn from day one, but wait 2-3 weeks before the new lawn area begins to be used. The grass needs a few weeks to settle down and attach to the substrate. Don't forget to water properly during this time.

When the grass has grown to a height of approximately 3 inches, it is the time to mow for the first time. Remember not to cut more than one third of the grass height at one time. After the first cut, it is also time to fertilize for the first time.



Image: cowbite, Flickr