Watering for a perfect lawn

Watering the lawn

A lush and green lawn requires lots of water. Especially in the dry seasons, you must water your lawn often and generously.

  • Water at night
  • Give at least an inch of water each time
  • Newly seeded lawn needs constant moist

Best time for watering the lawn

The best time for watering your lawn is at night, so that the evaporation due to sunlight is not too fast. Try to water around one inch at the time. If possible, place a rain meter on the lawn to measure how much you've watered. A proper watering allows moisture to creep into the earth and helps the grass roots stretch down into the moist dirt.  A lawn with deep roots becomes drought-tolerant. 

Dry lawn goes yellow

If you are unable to water during dry periods, the lawn often grows yellow and dull. Although it may look like the grass will die, it usually revives at new rain.

A newly seeded lawn needs another strategy 

If you have a newly seeded lawn, it should be watered in a different way. In order for the seeds to germinate, they must have a constantly moist soil. A newly seeded lawn should therefore be watered lightly every day without the earth getting wet. Make sure it is moist a few inches into the soil. When the grass has rooted itself firmly, start with your normal watering procedures.


In summary, if you want your lawn to be green and thick, you need to look into your watering routines. The lawn needs water often and lots of it. 


Image: Robert S Donovan, Flickr