When to mow the lawn

Starting the lawn mower

Your lawn should not be mowed by routine, but when it actually needed. How often you need to mow depends on how fast your lawn grows.

Two to three times a week

A well fertilized lawn may need to be cut two or three times a week. Remember that it is much better for the lawn to be cut high and often, than to be cut low.  

Mow before the grass gets too tall

Do not let the grass grow too high. Not more than a maximum one-third of the grass should be cut away in the mowing. If the grass have grown high, it is much better to cut several times until you reach the correct height. Suitable cutting height is about 1.5 inches.

Cutting too short helps moss and weed

If you cut the grass shorter than about two inches, moss and weeds will more easily get hold and the grass becomes more susceptible to drought.

In dry periods and before the winter season, the grass should be cut slightly higher, perhaps 2 inches, to help the grass endure the draught/cold.

Leave a newly seeded lawn high

A newly seeded lawn should be left quite high, let it grow to at least 3-4 inches before the first mowing.


Image: Tourist on Earth, Flickr